Music Cycles

My brother recently told me that his tastes in music change constantly, and what he listens to now is very different from what he listened to as a teenager.  I’m very much the opposite.  My musical tastes go in cycles.  There are few bands I listened to when I was 14 that I don’t still listen to now.  While I might get burned out on a band or genre for a while, I’ll inevitably come back to it later, because what I liked in that music didn’t necessarily go away.

The only real exception is pop music, which I think by its very nature has a short shelf life.  Once you squeeze all the juice out of that orange, it’s gone.  But the more complex music I used to enjoy, I’ll always listen to in cycles:  the Beatles, Yes, Chroma Key, OSI, Nick Drake, Phish, Handel, Bach, Vivaldi.

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