More fashion: Regency Era

Since I already shattered anyone’s conception of me as manly yesterday by a post about what hats look good (a day after the Super Bowl, which I didn’t watch, nor did I particularly even care about), I’m going to post again about period fashion.  I’ve watched a lot of historical films and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that the Regency Era (basically, the transition between the Georgian and Victorian Eras in Britain) had the best men’s fashion of all of them.

You can see this sort of fashion in Jane Austen movies and in a more American, rustic way in portraits of Joseph Smith.  I think it’s the longish hair with sideburns, the conservative colors, and the tailcoats that I particularly like, plus there’s the flipped-up white collar with cravat.  Despite everyone saying that fashion is cyclical (because of bellbottoms, etc.), I would say that the biggest barrier to wide acceptance of this kind of style is the fact that it probably took half a morning to dress oneself.

Also, one fashion I really hope doesn’t come back is JNCOs.

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