An open Valentine’s Day card to my wife.

At certain times in my life I have prayed to have a bit more humility, and invariably the Lord answers my prayers.  I once prided myself on my ability to express myself in words.  After all, isn’t that what writers and songwriters do?

The answer to my prayer for humility has come through my marriage in a way, though not in the way that I would have expected.  The experiences I’ve had with my wife – the love and courage and hope that we’ve shared in these three years – make the pursuits that I put myself into before I was married seem like vague shadows of what I have now.  Every place I sought fulfillment was actually a counterfeit to what I was really looking for in my life.

But the most humbling thing is that the beauty that I have experienced, in my marriage and now with raising a son,  has surpassed my ability to express.  I have said it again and again in our marriage and it’s more true now than it was before.  I just don’t have any words to express it anymore.  Which is a bummer, because I (hopefully) have many more Valentine’s Days to get through.  Maybe my prayers now should be for a greater ability to express myself.

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