Jerry Gaskill suffers heart attack

Doug Pinnick and the official King’s X Facebook page have confirmed that drummer Jerry Gaskill suffered from a heart attack sometime early Sunday.  Doug Pinnick was quite optimistic on his page but the King’s X announcement seems somewhat less optimistic.  Either way, Jerry is still alive though he is still in the hospital.

Doug Pinnick’s Facebook, Sunday:

Jerry had a heart attack last night. He was operated on and is in stable condition at the hospital. Were all waiting for more info. I will keep you posted

Doug Pinnick, Monday:

Julie said Jerry woke up pulling chords out, she says hes fiesty! that’s a good sign! thanks everyone for prayers and good vibes! it can only get better now!!!

Doug Pinnick, later Monday:

Update! jerry is the same, heavily sedated and on the ventilator, they are going to try to take the balloon pump out tomorrow, thanks for everyones support!

Doug Pinnick, Tuesday:

Jerry is still sedated on ventilator, but they took the balloon out, and they have lowered the blood pressure meds 3 times, good news!!

King’s X page, Tuesday:

We are sorry to confirm that Jerry Gaskill suffered a heart attack in the late Saturday night/ early Sunday morning hours. He has been on a ventilator since. However, there are some positive signs concerning his recovery. Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming support and well wishes. We’ll let you know more info soon

This is a real drag. Jerry is such a solid, humble drummer, and a nice guy too. Hopefully he’ll recover completely so that he can get back on the road and play some shows!

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