5 favorite OSI songs ever

As I’ve mentioned previously, I don’t really get into new music all that much, and very rarely do I let a band into my inner sanctum of music.  Many of you are like me – rarely venturing out and sticking to your classic favorites.  But I have to implore you, if you haven’t heard of them, please give an honest listen to one of my all-time favorite bands, OSI.  It’s a side-project that turned into something bigger, namely that of Kevin Moore (from the amazing Chroma Key) and Jim Matheos (from the legendary Fates Warning).  I’ve been a fan of Kevin Moore since the late ’90s, when I would lurk around his official message boards along with probably a dozen other regulars.  There is no official Kevin Moore message board anymore, but there is a lively unofficial one at The Mooreatorium.

They’re releasing a new album (their fourth) on March 27th called Fire Make Thunder on Metal Blade, and I couldn’t be more excited, especially since Jerry Gaskill had his heart attack (meaning that I probably won’t be seeing King’s X again very soon).

OSI is something very unique.  Kevin Moore’s music from Chroma Key was extremely calm, with a lot of emotional depth, and twitching electronic vibes that punctuated Kevin’s general themes of technology and isolation (if you’d like an album recommendation, try Dead Air for Radios.  He is one of those people who totally owns his voice; he’s created basically an unmistakable electronic sound with his own vocals that have a way of emotionally wrecking you despite being cold and digital.  On the other hand, Fates Warning was a very groundbreaking prog metal band that released one of my favorite albums of all time, Disconnected (a post-apocalyptic tour-de-force).

OSI seems like a perfect blend of the two.  The same distinct vocals and electronic themes from Kevin, with downright crunchy heavy metal guitar riffs from Jim (though there is significant variety).  Here are my 5 favorite OSI songs ever, in no particular order, though I admit this was incredibly difficult to decide. OSI fans: what are your favorites?

1. Radiologue

2. Home Was Good

3. Kicking

4. Go

5. Memory Daydreams Lapses

4 thoughts on “5 favorite OSI songs ever”

  1. I agree with most of your choices, although I’d have to add Free and Hello, Helicopter! in place of Go and Kicking.

  2. Porcupine Tree have disappointed me of late, but OSI get better and better. Did you hear the Jon Arch/Jim Matheos record that came out last year? It topped my best of 2011 list and I’m going to see them in May.

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