NEWS – New musical project with Benjamin Zabriskie and Thomas Hatton

I finally have a studio set up in my new apartment and I’ve gotten some song ideas down for a new musical project.  Odes was a very fun, but draining, solo project, and after I got done I needed some time to decompress a bit.  However, I have always wanted to do a project with my friend Benjamin Zabriskie, whose music I was introduced to on my mission.  He’s a family friend originally from Kentucky, and has done some great solo music, but right now he’s also playing guitar in a surf/pop band called The New Electric Sound that is releasing an album in just a couple days.  My brother Thomas will also be playing drums or percussion and singing his signature awesome vocals and harmonies.  He has been playing drums and singing in a cover band called Fourscore in Lexington, Kentucky.

Our band will not be called Sad Pterodactyl.  I am going to experiment a bit more with electronic instruments on this album, and Benjamin and I have decided that there will be a spiritual element as well, though it may be less obvious than on Odes.  It is definitely in the rough/planning stages (though we have three song ideas recorded at this point) so I will keep all of you updated on the progress.  In the meantime, check out Benjamin’s and Thomas’s projects.  Rock over London, Rock on Chicago.

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