Official Polish Village of

What’s that you say?  You didn’t even KNOW that has an official Polish village?  Well, I didn’t either, until an online friend of mine suggested that I click the Wikipedia random article link and become an expert in whatever subject I landed on.  Now for some reason, in the past, whenever I clicked that link I always landed on the page of some European football or cricket player (yeah, I don’t get it either), but this time I decided to give it a whirl just in case I might be interested in cricket this time.  Instead of landing on anything dealing with European sports, it transported me to the ancient, inspiring land of Mochty-Smok.

Best.  Village name.  Ever.

In fact, I love the name Mochty-Smok (pronounced MOCKH-te SMOCK… err, I think) so much that I am officially adopting the village as the Official Polish Village of  I welcome the new and everlasting friendship between myself and Mochty-Smok and hope that it brings us years of mutual admiration and trust. Where is Mochty-Smok, you ask?

Well, it’s in Gmina Zakroczym, I know that. I know what you’re all thinking – you’re dying to know how you can get there immediately. Well, now, with Google Maps technology, you can visit Mochty-Smok from the comfort of your own home.

Now, let’s take an immersive tour through the three major landmarks of Mochty-Smok, according to Google Maps.

Whoa!  Okay, here’s another one.

Now that’s what I call impressive!  No way.  Check out those sweet tread marks.  Last one:

Okay, I love Mochty-Smok but I don’t want to know what went on (or who was imprisoned or lived) down here.  This ends the tour of Mochty-Smok, so seriously, exit the Haunted Tunnel of Mochty-Smok as soon as possible.  No refunds.

6 thoughts on “Official Polish Village of”

  1. gee, is that for real? :-)
    I’ve visited that place on a bike tour a week ago.
    what you can see on the photos is an abandoned brickyard.
    if that makes the spot less mysterious, let me inform you that the word ‘smok’ means ‘a dragon’ in Polish.
    unless you’ve already knew that.

  2. Whoa, that’s awesome that you’ve been there! It’s such a small little town that I wasn’t expecting anyone to have personal experience with it – that’s the great thing about the Internet. Also, the fact that smok means ‘a dragon’ just makes the town way better.

  3. in fact, the village is not very far from Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. it is placed on a very picturesque high cliff of the Wisła river, although there’s not really much there except for the views – just a couple of raspberry farms.
    what IS more interesting in the neighborhood from a tourist point of view, is a huuuge Napoleonic fortress East from Smok (Modlin) or a romanesque abbey to the West (Czerwinsk) – both on the same elevated riverbank. but I understand that those may be less interesting for some finder of nothingness ‘-)

    anyway, keep randomizing the world via the Internet, next time maybe you’ll land in south Argentina and have an alike conversation with some local!

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