Three vintage shirts for sale, still in package.

I made another neat thrift store find.  This time I found three vintage shirts, still in the package, with pins and tags, unopened and unworn.  I looked up the styles and brands and I’m pretty confident that they are from the late 1950s or early 1960s.  Definitely something grandpa would wear, but I bet they would appeal to someone who wants a retro look.  Or even someone putting together an authentic costume from that era.

I am unsure what they’re worth, but I am listing them all starting at $30, since getting less than that wouldn’t make the hassle of shipping them worth it to me.

From left to right, the eBay listings are here, here, and here.


3 thoughts on “Three vintage shirts for sale, still in package.”

  1. I love op-shopping (or as you funny speaking Americans say ‘Thrift Store’ haha. I’m lucky enough to have a Grandad handing down all his killer shirts from yesteryear to me. Just quietly, perhaps you should remove the Thrift Store price labels from the shirts.

    Good luck with the sales. They do look pretty sha-weet.

  2. I knew somebody would call me out on that. Though I mentioned in the eBay listings that they were thrift store finds. I considered blotting out those price tags but was too lazy. If the shirts don’t sell, maybe I’ll re-list the ones I really don’t want and see what happens.

  3. Also, I like the term “op-shopping” better. Is “op” short for “opportunity?” You should call your country Opstralia.

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