Top 10 reasons why the Curiosity rover listens to Dream Theater.

A friend of mine suggested that the Curiosity rover must obviously listen to the music from Hello Dolly, because rovers like musicals, and for some reason that didn’t ring true to me.  What kind of music would Curiosity carry on that 4 GB hard drive?  The answer, of course, is Dream Theater.  Here are the Top 10 reasons why:

1. The Curiosity rover is soulless and robotic.

2. The Curiosity rover was banished to another planet by everyone that cared about it.

3. The Curiosity rover took 9 months to finally arrive at its destination.

4. The Curiosity rover probably doesn’t understand humans.

5. The Curiosity rover is unlike any other rover or being in the known universe.

6. Roger Dean landscapes – mixed with metal.

7. The Curiosity rover lives alone and will never have a girlfriend.

8. Curiosity’s closest friends are a room full of nerds sitting at computers.

9. Curiosity is supported by high-ranking government officials.

10. Curiosity’s launch was delayed because it needed more practice.

Though there are a few reasons we might expect Curiosity not to listen to Dream Theater.

1. Compared to Mangini’s drumset, Curiosity is rather simple with very few moving parts.

2. Curiosity gives people a more accurate sense of perspective about the universe.

3. Curiosity sends us images, but no words.

4. A 4 GB hard drive is only room for about three Dream Theater songs.

(PS – I kid, I actually am a big DT fan)

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