CONFESSIONS: I hate ice in my drinks.

I’ve been putting ice cubes in my drinks for my whole life. But I hate ice in my drinks. I hate how they take up drink real estate, I hate how cold they make my drinks, I hate trying to get at the last drop at the bottom of my glass only to have an ice avalanche right in my face, I hate trying to drink around the cubes that invariably block up and congregate – nay, fight over – the space right in front of my lips as I’m trying to sip. Even worse are ice cubes made from tap water that infect perfectly delightful-tasting beverages with that nasty freezer-flavored mineral taste. I don’t really mind cool drinks that aren’t cold. As long as they’re even a little cooler than room temperature, I’m fine. I don’t need to decrease my core temperature thirty degrees just to enjoy the taste of a beverage.

So why do I keep doing it?

Because that’s what people do when they get drinks in America. How else are you supposed to drink it? Besides, any time I try to buck the system and just pour a drink into a glass without ice, it seems that someone challenges my decision with this look of astonishment. “We have ice, don’t you want ice? Your drink doesn’t have ice.” I don’t want to make a fuss – I don’t want my drinking behavior to stand out. I don’t want to have to explain all the different reasons I don’t like ice in my drinks. So I just do it even though I hate it.

And I’ve just ignored the cognitive dissonance this creates for a long time. It’s so strange that a person that prides himself on at least a tasteful degree of non-conformity (me) should be such a pushover when it comes to drinking beverages.

1 thought on “CONFESSIONS: I hate ice in my drinks.”

  1. When I visited my sister Gina in Toronto, we went to a restaurant. When I ordered a soft drink, I asked if I could have a cup of ice. The waiter was completely offended.

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