Social effects of COVID-19

Our university is buckling down for a full semester of online classes and a closed campus. This means I'll be working from home and doing telehealth sessions until at least the end of the semester. This has given me cause for reflection on, well, a lot of things really. Of course we should all be… Continue reading Social effects of COVID-19

The Western Concept of PTSD

I feel that, in clinical psychology, we often pay lip service to the idea that cultural factors influence mental illness, but we sometimes forget this in practice. This article reminded me of this once again. In it, a psychiatrist named Samah Jabr suggested that PTSD statistics from Palestine are, at best, misleading, due to the… Continue reading The Western Concept of PTSD

Unsolicited Advice for Pastors: How to Shut Up

First of all, my apologies to anyone scandalized by my punchy, click-baity title. Here's a more graceful way of saying it, from St. Seraphim of Sarov: "Silence is the cross on which we must crucify our egos." Every now and then, when I talk to pastors of various faiths, I get questions about counseling and… Continue reading Unsolicited Advice for Pastors: How to Shut Up

Mindfulness for Disappointed Musicians

I run a mindfulness group as part of my counseling work, and I've been involved in some way in mindfulness research since 2008. It took some time for the concept to click with me. I knew about atypical mental states from religious studies, and assumed that mindfulness was something like hypnosis or a trance of… Continue reading Mindfulness for Disappointed Musicians

On Religion and Happiness: Does Orthodoxy Make You Sad?

You may have seen a news article about a recent study by the World Bank that found, among other things, that Eastern Orthodox Christians, as opposed to Protestants and Roman Catholics, tend to report lower levels of happiness and life satisfaction. The authors of that study point to differences in theology, history, and beliefs about… Continue reading On Religion and Happiness: Does Orthodoxy Make You Sad?

“Ghosting” as Existential Injury

I've done psychology work at universities, in various capacities, for four years now, and I'm beginning to pick up on general themes that are common to many university-age students. There's nothing that makes me feel like an out-of-touch old man, yelling at clouds, like descriptions of modern dating. When I was playing "the game" of… Continue reading “Ghosting” as Existential Injury