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I pay money every year to keep this website open, as a central hub of my various personal and career pursuits, yet I don't really keep the blog updated. I have decided to start blogging again - or at least, updating this blog periodically so it doesn't seem hopelessly outdated. I will try to keep… Continue reading Back to Blogging

Publication – Rural Public Health: Best Practices and Preventive Models

I was able to contribute to a chapter of a book on public health that was just published. It is called Rural Public Health: Best Practices and Preventive Measures, an edited volume on public health. The editors were Jacob C. Warren and K. Bryant Smalley. My contribution, in Chapter 14, dealt with the unique challenges… Continue reading Publication – Rural Public Health: Best Practices and Preventive Models

2014 CEPO Award Winner

I have recently received word that a paper that I extracted from my master's thesis, entitled "Is the 'War on Terror' a mortality salience prime? Framing effects of counterterrorism metaphors on anti-Muslim prejudice before and after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings" has won first place at the Southeastern Psychological Association's annual conference, for the Committee on… Continue reading 2014 CEPO Award Winner

Time Lapse Video of Homeless Man’s Makeover

Someone posted a link to this in my Facebook newsfeed this morning, and I watched it and was very moved.  It's a video of a homeless man being given a makeover. When I watched it I realized how emotionally moving it is. But gosh, it's depressing that it's moving. I didn't want to be the one… Continue reading Time Lapse Video of Homeless Man’s Makeover

Reddo by Evomobius

My brother David has a software development company called Evomobius.  While he was teaching English in Brazil, he came up with the idea to create an immersive language-learning RPG game that simulates the real world.  It's a great idea based on sound psychological principles, so I offered to write up a short research brief as… Continue reading Reddo by Evomobius

How to Properly Care for a Betta Fish (Siamese Fighting Fish)

I purchased a Betta fish for my oldest boy last week and I've really been enjoying watching it swim around. Since purchasing it, I have been searching online to see how to take care of it. Boy is there a ton of information online! I decided to summarize some major points of Betta care here… Continue reading How to Properly Care for a Betta Fish (Siamese Fighting Fish)