Time Lapse Video of Homeless Man’s Makeover

Someone posted a link to this in my Facebook newsfeed this morning, and I watched it and was very moved.  It's a video of a homeless man being given a makeover. When I watched it I realized how emotionally moving it is. But gosh, it's depressing that it's moving. I didn't want to be the one… Continue reading Time Lapse Video of Homeless Man’s Makeover


An open letter to Lorne Michaels: Let me host your show

When I was a young kid in the late 1900s, I used to think that Saturday Night Live was the most grown-up thing imaginable. It was cool. It was on the cutting-edge of show business. It was risqué. It was late at night. I thought I was the coolest kid around when my parents would… Continue reading An open letter to Lorne Michaels: Let me host your show

Some thoughts on living in various locations

I've lived in a lot of places in the United States.  Nine states and probably two dozen cities actually.  This has led me, among other things, to make some general observations about different places in the country. "You know you're from ____ if ... " jokes are interesting because creating one requires two kinds of… Continue reading Some thoughts on living in various locations

The Era of Musical Lockjaw

Back around 1998 or so, I remember going to a small-town coffee house and listening to small-town teenagers play popular alternative songs on acoustic guitars.  It was my favorite thing to do, actually, because I'd get a chance to perform my own music, but that meant sitting through lots of other musicians (and let me… Continue reading The Era of Musical Lockjaw

You haven’t earned your nostalgia.

I am not sure that my generation has earned the right to be nostalgic about our childhoods. I had a coworker a few years back who discovered YouTube, and watched a ton of commercials from the '60s and '70s, when he was a kid.  Forty year old commercials for a bunch of dangerous toys with… Continue reading You haven’t earned your nostalgia.