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I pay money every year to keep this website open, as a central hub of my various personal and career pursuits, yet I don't really keep the blog updated. I have decided to start blogging again - or at least, updating this blog periodically so it doesn't seem hopelessly outdated. I will try to keep… Continue reading Back to Blogging

Original Artwork Available

I consider my primary artistic gift (if I have one at all) to be songwriting, but I have always enjoyed doing visual arts as well.  A decade-and-a-half of this means I've got a pile of art that I've done, but don't display for space reasons.  As such, I've decided to put my artwork online in… Continue reading Original Artwork Available

How to Properly Care for a Betta Fish (Siamese Fighting Fish)

I purchased a Betta fish for my oldest boy last week and I've really been enjoying watching it swim around. Since purchasing it, I have been searching online to see how to take care of it. Boy is there a ton of information online! I decided to summarize some major points of Betta care here… Continue reading How to Properly Care for a Betta Fish (Siamese Fighting Fish)

Somebody Come and Play

Sometimes, the saddest songs are children's songs.  I'm just rediscovering that fact. When my wife is at home with my oldest son Gabriel, she sometimes plays a Sesame Street Pandora channel that she created for him.  I admit, modern children's songs can be just as grating for me as any other parent, but classic Sesame… Continue reading Somebody Come and Play