How to Properly Care for a Betta Fish (Siamese Fighting Fish)

I purchased a Betta fish for my oldest boy last week and I've really been enjoying watching it swim around. Since purchasing it, I have been searching online to see how to take care of it. Boy is there a ton of information online! I decided to summarize some major points of Betta care here… Continue reading How to Properly Care for a Betta Fish (Siamese Fighting Fish)

CONFESSIONS: I hate ice in my drinks.

I've been putting ice cubes in my drinks for my whole life. But I hate ice in my drinks. I hate how they take up drink real estate, I hate how cold they make my drinks, I hate trying to get at the last drop at the bottom of my glass only to have an… Continue reading CONFESSIONS: I hate ice in my drinks.

Somebody Come and Play

Sometimes, the saddest songs are children's songs.  I'm just rediscovering that fact. When my wife is at home with my oldest son Gabriel, she sometimes plays a Sesame Street Pandora channel that she created for him.  I admit, modern children's songs can be just as grating for me as any other parent, but classic Sesame… Continue reading Somebody Come and Play

Some thoughts on living in various locations

I've lived in a lot of places in the United States.  Nine states and probably two dozen cities actually.  This has led me, among other things, to make some general observations about different places in the country. "You know you're from ____ if ... " jokes are interesting because creating one requires two kinds of… Continue reading Some thoughts on living in various locations

Official Polish Village of

What's that you say?  You didn't even KNOW that has an official Polish village?  Well, I didn't either, until an online friend of mine suggested that I click the Wikipedia random article link and become an expert in whatever subject I landed on.  Now for some reason, in the past, whenever I clicked that… Continue reading Official Polish Village of

If you are my friend (or even if you’re not), please read this.

This is one of the better discussions, in my opinion, of the new trend of downloading music illegally. I am just as guilty as anyone else.  I'm poor and I love music.  I hopped aboard the Napster train a decade ago and it was my first exposure to a ton of awesome music that I… Continue reading If you are my friend (or even if you’re not), please read this.