NEWS – New musical project with Benjamin Zabriskie and Thomas Hatton

I finally have a studio set up in my new apartment and I've gotten some song ideas down for a new musical project.  Odes was a very fun, but draining, solo project, and after I got done I needed some time to decompress a bit.  However, I have always wanted to do a project with… Continue reading NEWS – New musical project with Benjamin Zabriskie and Thomas Hatton

Steven Wilson on the American Pop market

This video's been up for a while but I still think it's interesting. I don't share as much bitterness with Steven anymore - at least since I stopped pretending that I was a real professional musician. But I think that Steven's point about the music industry attempting to regain control of the market through shows… Continue reading Steven Wilson on the American Pop market

Inventions that People Should Be Embracing

I'm actually pretty cynical about technology, despite my utter dependence on it.  Yes, I'm an Eagle Scout, but a few years ago when an ice storm hit Lexington and we lost power for a couple days, I was a raving, unshaven, unwashed, unbearable lunatic until it was restored.  Nevertheless, I often lament the fact that… Continue reading Inventions that People Should Be Embracing

5 favorite OSI songs ever

As I've mentioned previously, I don't really get into new music all that much, and very rarely do I let a band into my inner sanctum of music.  Many of you are like me - rarely venturing out and sticking to your classic favorites.  But I have to implore you, if you haven't heard of them,… Continue reading 5 favorite OSI songs ever

Some Things You Need To Know About Songwriters

Here are some things you need to know about songwriters. 1. Songwriters are complete liars.  Half of the stuff they write they didn't experience, and the other half - the stuff they did experience - is real stuff that they're completely misinterpreting or misrepresenting for their own personal, emotional gain.  Most of the virtues they… Continue reading Some Things You Need To Know About Songwriters

More fashion: Regency Era

Since I already shattered anyone's conception of me as manly yesterday by a post about what hats look good (a day after the Super Bowl, which I didn't watch, nor did I particularly even care about), I'm going to post again about period fashion.  I've watched a lot of historical films and I think I've… Continue reading More fashion: Regency Era