Living authentically without cancer.

I've alluded to some interesting experiences lately on this blog and I was just encouraged by Antonio Centeno at Real Men Real Style to write it up for the benefit of my (and some of his) subscribers.  First of all, if you're interested in listening to my tunes, you can hear a couple at ReverbNation… Continue reading Living authentically without cancer.

Thrift store success story

I had a great day at the thrift store today.  I have been visiting thrift stores for a long time, not as much for the ironic hipster value but more because I am actually just really poor.  But I have never had a find like today.  Earlier this week I visited a tiny little house… Continue reading Thrift store success story

More fashion: Regency Era

Since I already shattered anyone's conception of me as manly yesterday by a post about what hats look good (a day after the Super Bowl, which I didn't watch, nor did I particularly even care about), I'm going to post again about period fashion.  I've watched a lot of historical films and I think I've… Continue reading More fashion: Regency Era

I Need A Hat

I think one of the bigger shames of the modern era is that gentlemen's hats are not fashionable anymore.  Every movie from the 1920s to probably the 1950s featured men in stylish fedoras and trench coats, but nowadays those things are decidedly either pretentious or creepy (and most probably both).  I think Justin Timberlake can… Continue reading I Need A Hat