1. Cutting a watermelon such that the knife goes all the way around and returns to exactly the same spot.
  2. Eating a box of Nerds without dropping at least one (without resorting to pouring the whole box in your mouth).
  3. Eating pancakes without some syrup traveling up your utensils onto your fingers.
  4. Eating cereal without at least one trail of milk dripping onto your chin.

Whoa, you can totally tell I’m inspired by this view!

A good friend of mine challenged me to create a list of songs that I felt were particularly inspiring.  As a long-time lover of both music and opinionated lists I accepted that challenge.  Here were the basic stipulations we worked out:

  • They must be inspiring in a spiritual and/or emotional way.  I take this in a very broad sense, since I see spirituality in a wide variety of kinds of music.  However, this means a lot of my favorite bands won’t be on the list (I listen to them for other reasons).
  • The inspirational nature of the songs must be such that it can be obtained without previous background knowledge of the context in which the song was written, the personal history of the songwriter, historical details, etc.  I will comment on why I like it, however, it will not be in-depth about the meanings behind the songs.
  • No points are awarded for “sonic textures,” musicianship, technical ability, etc.  This is all about pure inspiration.

So here we go, a tentative “Most Inspiring Playlist” of songs that inspire me personally.  The format will be song, artist, and album, with comments if necessary.

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