PRESS – FGM Interview with Deseret News

I was recently interviewed by the Deseret News for my participation in Young Sim's record label, Feel Good Music Coalition.  Here is the article.  My tiny contribution is located on page three.  Enjoy! Pictured here to the right is a group shot of all of FGM, except for me (they're in Utah, I'm not).

Top 10 reasons why the Curiosity rover listens to Dream Theater.

A friend of mine suggested that the Curiosity rover must obviously listen to the music from Hello Dolly, because rovers like musicals, and for some reason that didn't ring true to me.  What kind of music would Curiosity carry on that 4 GB hard drive?  The answer, of course, is Dream Theater.  Here are the… Continue reading Top 10 reasons why the Curiosity rover listens to Dream Theater.

If you are my friend (or even if you’re not), please read this.

This is one of the better discussions, in my opinion, of the new trend of downloading music illegally. I am just as guilty as anyone else.  I'm poor and I love music.  I hopped aboard the Napster train a decade ago and it was my first exposure to a ton of awesome music that I… Continue reading If you are my friend (or even if you’re not), please read this.

The Era of Musical Lockjaw

Back around 1998 or so, I remember going to a small-town coffee house and listening to small-town teenagers play popular alternative songs on acoustic guitars.  It was my favorite thing to do, actually, because I'd get a chance to perform my own music, but that meant sitting through lots of other musicians (and let me… Continue reading The Era of Musical Lockjaw

Anathema – “Untouchable, Part 2”

I am going to buy this album soon and I'll review it here.  A Natural Disaster was, in my opinion, one of the best albums of the decade - an obscure gem, due to the fact that Anathema had reinvented themselves so dramatically that many of their original diehard fans had long since departed for… Continue reading Anathema – “Untouchable, Part 2”

Steven Wilson on the American Pop market

This video's been up for a while but I still think it's interesting. I don't share as much bitterness with Steven anymore - at least since I stopped pretending that I was a real professional musician. But I think that Steven's point about the music industry attempting to regain control of the market through shows… Continue reading Steven Wilson on the American Pop market