Feel Good Music Documentary Trailer

I was recently interviewed for a documentary about the label I work with, Feel Good Music Coalition.  I will post a link to the whole thing when it's released, but I just got sent a link to the trailer!  Here it is for curious people.

5 favorite OSI songs ever

As I've mentioned previously, I don't really get into new music all that much, and very rarely do I let a band into my inner sanctum of music.  Many of you are like me - rarely venturing out and sticking to your classic favorites.  But I have to implore you, if you haven't heard of them,… Continue reading 5 favorite OSI songs ever

Jerry Gaskill suffers heart attack

Doug Pinnick and the official King's X Facebook page have confirmed that drummer Jerry Gaskill suffered from a heart attack sometime early Sunday.  Doug Pinnick was quite optimistic on his page but the King's X announcement seems somewhat less optimistic.  Either way, Jerry is still alive though he is still in the hospital. Doug Pinnick's… Continue reading Jerry Gaskill suffers heart attack

The Weirdness Doesn’t Go Away

I realized that anyone who is not friends with my wife on Facebook hasn't found out that we're expecting another child.  So if you're in this camp, consider this an official announcement.  He or she will be due around July 21st.  Baby #2 was early, but not unexpected, since we were starting to feel that… Continue reading The Weirdness Doesn’t Go Away