I was recently interviewed by the Deseret News for my participation in Young Sim’s record label, Feel Good Music Coalition.  Here is the article.  My tiny contribution is located on page three.  Enjoy!

Pictured here to the right is a group shot of all of FGM, except for me (they’re in Utah, I’m not).


Over my time at Linescratchers and as a musician in the past few years, I have done a few interviews with people from various websites, and I’ve also written guest posts and had pieces written about me.  I have decided to compile all those links into one post so people can access them (if they wish).  I will also put this list on a Press page so I can continue adding to it.

Interviews About Linescratchers

A brief article about Arthur and Linescratchers at The Returned Missionary Training Center – 1/2012

Arthur is interviewed by Project Conversion, a 12-month exploration of different religions. – 7/12/2011

“The Top 10 LDS Musicians You’ve Never Heard Of” series written by Arthur for By Common Consent, a Mormon blog. – 5/2010 to 8/2010

Arthur does first interview about Linescratchers at A Motley Vision – 10/6/2009

Inteviews About My Music

Linescratchers interview about my album Odes – 12/19/2011

I recently did an interview with Linescratchers about my new album Odes.  I talked about my inspirations behind the album, including the Odes of Solomon, Eastern Orthodoxy, and poverty (not humanity’s… mine).  I also talked about the other cool people involved in the album, including Ian Fowles from The Aquabats!, Jared Palick, and not Paul Gross, who played Constable Benton Fraser in the ’90s Canadian TV show Due South.  To repeat, Paul Gross had nothing to do with my album.  But a guy can wish can’t he?