How do Americans react to ISIS propaganda videos?

The following is a video I made to prepare a presentation at a Middle Eastern Studies Association conference in 2016. It was based on research I had been conducting up to that point.


One band that I have consistently listened to since I found out about them (probably in 1999 or 2000) is Garmarna.  If you haven't heard of them, that's understandable.  They are a Swedish band that does (or rather did, since they've kind of been off the grid for about a decade now) traditional Swedish folk… Continue reading Garmarna

Feel Good Music Coalition Documentary

I mentioned before that I was interviewed for a documentary about Feel Good Music Coalition, the label that features my music.  I got to speak about my own experiences, my friendship with Simeon Lawrence (Young Sim), and my general thoughts about the media.  Not a ton of my interview made the final cut, but I… Continue reading Feel Good Music Coalition Documentary

The Era of Musical Lockjaw

Back around 1998 or so, I remember going to a small-town coffee house and listening to small-town teenagers play popular alternative songs on acoustic guitars.  It was my favorite thing to do, actually, because I'd get a chance to perform my own music, but that meant sitting through lots of other musicians (and let me… Continue reading The Era of Musical Lockjaw