Dug Pinnick and Amy Lee share a… karaoke stage

Yeah, it's not Budokan, but here's Dug Pinnick and Amy Lee singing "Superstition" at some fine establishment.

Anathema – “Untouchable, Part 2”

I am going to buy this album soon and I'll review it here.  A Natural Disaster was, in my opinion, one of the best albums of the decade - an obscure gem, due to the fact that Anathema had reinvented themselves so dramatically that many of their original diehard fans had long since departed for… Continue reading Anathema – “Untouchable, Part 2”

Steven Wilson on the American Pop market

This video's been up for a while but I still think it's interesting. I don't share as much bitterness with Steven anymore - at least since I stopped pretending that I was a real professional musician. But I think that Steven's point about the music industry attempting to regain control of the market through shows… Continue reading Steven Wilson on the American Pop market