Organizational Consulting for Churches

Do you feel equipped to make informed recommendations to parishioners with mental health concerns?

Is there conflict within your religious organization that interferes with your mission?

Are your congregants or church members losing steam, patience, or desire to participate in your work?

Successful religious organizations require more than just passion and motivation. No matter how sincere and motivated a group of people may be, interpersonal and organizational challenges will inevitably threaten to make your mission more difficult. Sometimes, the personal investment of all members requires a neutral third party to analyze those challenges and use data-driven and objective methods to determine a solution that increases the efficiency and cooperation of your team.

Dr. Arthur Hatton, a psychologist and published scientist living in the Knoxville area, has a passion for making your religious organization work for you.  Dr. Hatton uses innovative psychological and organizational principles and data analysis to identify ways that your church, synagogue, mosque, or other religious organization can operate more smoothly, harmoniously, and true to its unique mission in the world.

A sample of possible areas of focus includes:

Clergy training on mental health issues

Congregational satisfaction

Staff-Clergy relationships

“Compassion Fatigue” among helping professionals

Multicultural congregations

Organizational effectiveness and efficiency

Mental health in congregations

Values and mission statements

Public Speaking

Dr. Hatton is also passionate about the mental health of religious people, and recognizes the unique and rich challenges of being religious in today’s world. Dr. Hatton is available to speak to clergy and laypeople on the subjects of mental health and values.

A sample of presentations that Dr. Hatton can give includes:

“What Every Christian Needs to Know About Mental Health”

“Values-Based Therapies for Treatment of Mental Illness”

Presentations can be adapted in length and format for the needs of your congregation, staff, or clergy.

Headquartered in the Knoxville, Tennessee area.

To contact me for information regarding how I can best help you, please use this contact form. Thanks!



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