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A native of Kentucky living in Knoxville, TN, singer-songwriter Arthur Hatton has been writing, recording, and performing music for over two decades. Drawing in audiences with a mix of humor, psychology, personal stories, spirituality, and a powerful yet subtle stage presence, he has recorded one full-length solo album, Odes, featuring Ian Fowles from The Aquabats! on Salt Lake City’s Feel Good Music Coalition record label.

Arthur’s solo music features acoustic guitar, rich harmonies, and introspective themes and lyrics. It is influenced by both traditional singer-songwriters (James Taylor, Nick Drake), and progressive music (Chroma Key, Marillion, Yes).

In a band setting, Arthur’s music has a harder edge. Featuring bass and drums, influences range from progressive artists such as Porcupine Tree to ’90s alternative rock (Silverchair, Collective Soul). Arthur played in Lexington, KY in the band Killer Ellipsis and performed across a variety of venues in Kentucky and the South (Louisville, Lexington, Cincinnati, Nashville, Statesboro).

After a 6-year hiatus for doctoral school in clinical psychology, Arthur has relocated to Knoxville and has begun writing and recording music again, connecting with fans by using the subscription service Patreon.


Don’t Wake Me Now (band)

Woe Is Me (acoustic)

Breakup Roses (acoustic/band)

Shy (band)



Documentary of my record label (Feel Good Music Coalition) featuring interview with Arthur – 9/6/2012

Deseret News interviews Arthur about Feel Good Music Coalition – 8/23/2012

The Mooreatorium mentions Odes – 12/29/2011

Linescratchers interview about my album Odes – 12/19/2011


I am currently using Patreon as a platform for all my new music.

My older music can be found at Bandcamp:

Please check my Facebook fan page for music updates.

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