If you are my friend (or even if you’re not), please read this.

This is one of the better discussions, in my opinion, of the new trend of downloading music illegally. I am just as guilty as anyone else.  I'm poor and I love music.  I hopped aboard the Napster train a decade ago and it was my first exposure to a ton of awesome music that I… Continue reading If you are my friend (or even if you’re not), please read this.

REVIEW – Fire Make Thunder , by OSI

The fourth release from my favorite prog supergroup has been much-anticipated by many online communities for very good reasons.  The first OSI album generated a lot of interest mainly because it was touted as a "reunion" of Mike Portnoy and Kevin Moore, but by their second album, Free, it became apparent to prog fans that… Continue reading REVIEW – Fire Make Thunder , by OSI

5 favorite OSI songs ever

As I've mentioned previously, I don't really get into new music all that much, and very rarely do I let a band into my inner sanctum of music.  Many of you are like me - rarely venturing out and sticking to your classic favorites.  But I have to implore you, if you haven't heard of them,… Continue reading 5 favorite OSI songs ever