Space-Dye Vest

For many Chroma Key and OSI fans all over the world, "Space-Dye Vest" was our first taste of the real Kevin Moore. I say the real Kevin Moore because it's clear (based on interviews, music, and general circumstances surrounding his departure from Dream Theater) that Kevin was not particularly interested in playing prog metal by… Continue reading Space-Dye Vest

REVIEW – Fire Make Thunder , by OSI

The fourth release from my favorite prog supergroup has been much-anticipated by many online communities for very good reasons.  The first OSI album generated a lot of interest mainly because it was touted as a "reunion" of Mike Portnoy and Kevin Moore, but by their second album, Free, it became apparent to prog fans that… Continue reading REVIEW – Fire Make Thunder , by OSI

5 favorite OSI songs ever

As I've mentioned previously, I don't really get into new music all that much, and very rarely do I let a band into my inner sanctum of music.  Many of you are like me - rarely venturing out and sticking to your classic favorites.  But I have to implore you, if you haven't heard of them,… Continue reading 5 favorite OSI songs ever