Hatton_Arthur_touched_upMy name is Arthur Hatton and I’m a grad student in psychology and a songwriter and performer.  I also work as a behavioral research consultant, doing technical write-ups for the presentation of scientific material as well as invited lectures on various psychological and religious topics.

I have studied clinical and experimental psychology at the graduate level, and I have been a graduate assistant in both teaching and research.  I expect to receive my Doctor of Psychology degree (Psy.D.) in clinical psychology from Georgia Southern University in 2018. Previously, I have earned a M.S. in experimental psychology at Georgia Southern University and my B.A. in Psychology at the University of Kentucky.

I have a wide variety of research interests, including:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – Mindfulness, self-concealment, using ACT to reduce mental health stigma, and ACT in ethnic, sexual, and religious minorities.

Rural mental health – Rural mental health disparities and the unique challenges of rural American living on mental health.

Psychology of religion – Religious minorities, religious persecution, scrupulosity, sexual orientation in religion, religious extremism, mindfulness, and prayer.  I have studied Mormonism, Islam, and Eastern Orthodoxy extensively.

Psychology of terrorism – Terrorism and counterterrorism, attitudes toward counterterrorism, and religious influences on terrorism.

Philosophy of psychology – Systems and schools of psychology, history of psychology, Aristotle (both in philosophy of mind and in virtue ethics), B.F. Skinner, and William James.

I am also a songwriter and have written and performed music in a band setting, in a solo setting, and for a short film.

For more information about my work and educational history, please visit my LinkedIn page.

In music, I have released one album, Odes, and record at home.  You can find my music on Bandcamp, and fan pages on FacebookTwitter, and Reverbnation. I am also the founder of Linescratchers, a group blog for musicians who are Latter-day Saints, and if you’re interested in the psychology of religion, my favorite is The Value of Saintliness. This website will feature my blog where I write about music, popular culture, and other things.

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