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My name is Dr. Arthur Hatton and I’m a psychologist, artist, and songwriter.

I received a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2018 from Georgia Southern University.

I also received an M.S. in Psychology (Experimental) in 2011 and a M.S. in Psychology (Clinical) in 2016. I received a B. S. in Psychology with a minor in Islamic Studies in 2009.

Past Research:

As a full-time practicing psychologist, I no longer actively publish scientific research.

My main areas of interest are in the psychology of politics and religion. My most recent study deals with public perceptions of migrant farmworkers and refugees, and how personality, demographic, geographic, and political variables influence this perception. From 2011 to 2016, I studied American public support for national security policies that specifically target Muslims (e.g., random searches of Muslims based on religion and/or ethnicity, banning Syrian refugees from entering the United States). I have examined a number of factors that may influence support for these policies, such as psychological inflexibility, religious coping, and exposure to ISIS propaganda.

I have also published research on LGBT mental health, terrorism, and Mormon identity. For more information on my research, please consult my page on ResearchGate where it is updated regularly.


I am also a songwriter and have written and performed music in a band setting, in a solo setting, and for a short film. Click HERE for my press kit for booking and shows.

I have released one album, Odes, and record music at home.  You can support me in writing and recording new songs on my Patreon. You can also find my music on Bandcamp, and a fan page on Facebook.

Podcasting and Website:

I am one of two founders of Proglodytes, a website featuring Progressive Rock and Metal music and musicians. I am the producer of Proglodytes Radio, our official podcast.

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  1. I am from your local parish. My baptism name is Simon. Fr. Freeman recommended that I contact you about painting an icon. Please, contact me if you are interested.

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